Wallace House

Wallace House is a graphic novel that was created thanks to the success of a Kickstarter crowdfunding. This international platform allowed us to collect 8710 euros in one month and to publish more than 300 copies in two different languages worldwide. 

With its many references to pop culture, Wallace House is a comic book that gathers enthusiasts of different genres. It is a story that displays that heroes are not only made of superpowers or extreme wealth, but by the potential that everyone has within themselves. 

The comic book tells the story of out-of-the-ordinary teenagers willing to act in the name of their own ideas. For them, becoming heroes is a metaphor of their confrontation with the real world, an encounter that is always an opportunity for growth. This teaches them how to react to and combat the difficulties that life is subjecting them to. Their passions and dreams are a source of courage, perseverance, and desire to prove themselves.

The plot is set in the decayed Pacific City, a corrupted place ruled by criminals, where young people have only two options: to be victims of the system or join it. None of the two options grants them a rosy future, therefore many of them decide to take refuge in their passions, fantasies, and sometimes madness. Here, they live like heroes and heroines, where it is still possible to hope for justice. Young people indulge themselves in their imaginary worlds until they can no longer distinguish them from reality, but help may come from Wallace House, a facility that is supposed to provide help and shelter to the most vulnerable young people.

Meanwhile, the city is controlled by the Smiley band, led by the eccentric Lullaby. Arika, an orphaned fighter with a dire background who is tired of the cynicism and apathy pervading the city, decides to step in by declaring war on the crime of Pacific City. Inevitably, she will clash with the Smiley band, a conflict with unpredictable and unexpected results.

Preview of Wallace House